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Full Governing Body

CHAIR: Mrs J Millard

VICE CHAIR: Prof. R Masterman

Terms of Reference

Strategic Leadership and Accountability:

  • In collaboration with school leaders determine a clear and explicit vision for the future.  Ensure this is communicated to the whole organisation.
  • Set strong and clear values and ensure these are embedded across the organisation and adhered to.
  • Determine the strategic direction for the school.
  • Monitor and evaluate pupil progress and attainment by receiving reports and information from the Headteacher and other school leaders; compare against national and local benchmarks over time.
  • Receive reports from committees, working parties or individuals and agree actions.
  • Approve the School Improvement Plan priorities and monitor throughout the year progress towards agreed actions.
  • Ensure there is a transparent system for performance management of all staff which is clearly linked to the school’s priorities.  Have oversight of the Head Teacher monitoring staff performance throughout the year.
  • Ensure there are mechanisms in place to listen to and respond to the views of parents/carers, pupils, staff, local communities.
  • Agree recruitment process to be followed in relation to Senior Leader posts; where delegated ratify appointments.
  • Final approval of the annual budget plan.
  • Receive information regarding the school’s budget, from the finance committee.
  • Agree virement and expenditure limits for the Headteacher.
  • Hold at least 3 meetings each academic year.  Ensure that committee meetings are held in accordance with the agreed terms of reference.

People and Structures:

  • Elect and/or remove Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Governors.
  • Appoint Committee Chairs or delegate to each committee.
  • Consider and agree delegation of functions to individuals or committees.
  • Agree committee terms of reference and membership.
  • Establish a register of Governors’ business interests.
  • Ensure Governors information on the Get Information About Schools (GIAS) register and the school website is up to date and compliant with current requirements.
  • Confirm the Instrument of Government and subsequent amendments.
  • Appoint Co-opted, Local Authority and where necessary Parent Governors to the Board.
  • Review and monitor the Governor Induction Process.
  • Have regard for Governors professional development.
  • Where necessary, suspend or remove Governors from the Board.
  • Appoint/dismiss the Clerk to the Governing Body.

Compliance and Evaluation:

  • Consider business provided by Local Authority and other sources
  • Suspend or end suspension of staff members.
  • Ensure all statutory policies are in place and there is an effective policy review cycle.
  • Review and agree the Governor Code of Conduct.
  • Confirm arrangements for completion of a Governor Skills Audit.
  • Ensure there is regular self-evaluation and review of individual’s contribution to the Board as well as the Board’s overall operation and effectiveness.
  • As necessary, consider an external review of the Board’s effectiveness.
  • Ensure school website is up to date and compliant with current DfE requirements.

Finance, Premises & Grounds Committee

Chair: Mr R Snell

Terms of Reference:

  • Consider all matters received from the LA relating to the financial aspects of the Authority’s scheme for the Financing of School (Fair Funding)
  • Receive actual share and agree a budget plan
  • Monitor and determine spending patterns and consider spending proposals from other committees
  • Consider and promote income generation
  • Supplies Budget (delegate to Headteacher for report to Governors as appropriate)
  • Check the annual accounts of all voluntary funds held by the school (Friends of the School/Private School Fund etc.)
  • Inspection/reporting repair and maintenance to Buildings & Grounds
  • Improvements
  • Tendering procedures
  • Purchase and disposal of Furniture and Equipment
  • Health & Safety issues, inspection report and action (including completion of annual risk assessment)
  • Approve and monitor the use of Pupil Premium/Sports Premium Funding
  • Review of SLA
  • School Financial Value Standard


Meetings: termly, or each half term, planned to coincide with Oracle.

Disqualifications: when there may be a conflict of interest; a fair hearing is required; or a pecuniary interest.  Associate members may not vote.


Personnel Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To carry out an annual review of the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher and the Finance Committee.
  • To oversee the appointment procedure for all staff.
  • To establish and review a performance management policy for all staff.
  • To keep under review work/life balance, working conditions and well being, including the monitoring of absence.
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on Personnel-related expenditure.
  • Parental Complaint
  • Pupil Exclusions


Meetings: As and when

Pecuniary interest.


Delegation to the Headteacher

School Staffing (England) Regulations 2003.

Appointment:  The Governing Body can delegate the power to appoint outside the leadership group to:

  • The Headteacher
  • One or more Governors with the right of the Headteacher to advise
  • One or more Governors and the Headteacher


Delegate to the Headteacher as above for:

  • Permanent teaching staff posts
  • Permanent support staff posts
  • Temporary staff


Dismissals:  Governing Body delegates to Headteacher responsibility for the dismissal of:


Pay Review/First Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To act in accordance with the Teachers’ Pay Policy adopted by the Governing Body.
  • To report to the Finance Committee on Pay Review-related expenditure.
  • To make any decisions under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body, e.g. disciplinary, grievance, ill health, capability etc. where the Headteacher is the subject of the action
  • To make any decisions relating to a member of staff (other than the Headteacher) under the Personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body (unless delegated to the Headteacher)
  • Staffing Reductions


Meetings: Autumn term, plus as and when necessary.

Disqualifications: The Headteacher, the Chair of Governors (if he/she has prior knowledge or involvement) Spouse/partner



Appeals Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To consider any appeal against a decision to dismiss a member of staff made by the First/Pay Committee (or Headteacher if delegated).
  • To consider any appeal against a decision under the personnel procedures adopted by the Governing Body. (eg. disciplinary, pay review etc.).
  • To consider any appeal against selection for redundancy.


Meetings: as and when required.  Must have no fewer members than the Hearing.

Disqualifications: Headteacher.  Any governor who was involved in the hearing. Spouse/partner.


Curriculum Committee

  • To make recommendations to the Governing Body and review the school’s curriculum statement and policies as required in the light of the LA curriculum statement and statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum
  • In collaboration with the staff to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced
  • To review the policy and provision for sex education and to make recommendations where necessary
  • To review the policy and provision for collective worship and RE and to make recommendations where necessary
  • To monitor and review information about school performance and reporting to parents accordingly to statutory requirements
  • To contribute to the School Development Plan
  • Curriculum/performance review including target setting and monitoring mechanisms






Virement Limits




Expenditure Limits



Limit set for Headteacher without prior verbal approval of Chair or Governing Body




Any items of expenditure up to




Limit set for Headteacher with approval from Chair of Governors




  • Above this limit if item was previously notified to the Governing Body.
  • Prior Finance Committee or Chair of Governors approval (whichever is the soonest) to be sought outside of this limit and reported at the earliest opportunity.

Prior Finance Committee or Chair of Governors approval (whichever is the soonest) to be sought outside of this limit and reported at the earliest opportunity.





NB Any goods/services purchased and works to be carried out are subject to Durham County Council Contract Procedure Rules (January 2014) for quotations

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