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Breakfast Club.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID restrictions, we are unable to run our Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club can be used either on a regular or casual basis.  There is no need to “book in”, either for regular or casual attendance.

Breakfast Club payments can be made online via the School Gateway website and app. Your child’s attendance at Breakfast Club will be recorded on the system on a daily basis and the charge for that day will show up on your School Gateway account mid-morning.

If you know your child is going to attend Breakfast Club on any given week, for a set number of days, then you must pay the fees on the first day they attend, either online or direct to the Breakfast Club Supervisor Miss Knaggs – don’t worry if your child is absent through sickness, or if they don’t attend all of the days paid for, they will accrue a credit for that day.  If your child is only going to use Breakfast Club on a casual basis, then on the day(s) they attend the fee must be paid, again either online or paid direct to the Breakfast Club Supervisor. If you pay via Childcare Vouchers, there are no changes to the procedure.

We would ask parents to ensure that Breakfast Club fees are paid as requested, as non-payment could result in your child being unable to access this provision. 

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