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School Meals

"Thank you for a lovely Mother's Day Lunch! Why this school rocks"

School Dinners

School meals are available to all. School meals are £2.10 per day. Early Years and Key Stage 1 currently receive free meals from school.

Special Diet

For special diets, please complete the above form. Please include written confirmation from a Consultant or Dietician confirming the allergy/intolerance. A letter from a G.P. is no longer sufficient evidence and cannot be accepted. Unfortunately, the diet cannot be put in place without this confirmation and a packed lunch must be provided from home.

Please note diets required for vegetarian, vegan or for religious reasons do not require medical evidence.

Packed Lunches

We ask that parents and children make healthy choices. Sweets, chocolate bars or hot drinks and meals are not permitted in packed lunches. Please do not send nuts in any form, in packed lunches. A drink is not required, as water will be provided for all children in line with our school rules. 

For ordering purposes, we require one week’s notice, for children changing from school meals to packed lunch.



RRSA Article Links

Article 24: All children have the right to nutritious food and water. 

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